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Here Comes the Sun and
By the Light of the Slivery Moon, 2011
VIII Acts, 2010

Fizz, 2010

Color Equality, 2009 Winding Color, 2009 Color Align , 2009
Tri-Modulation, 2008-2009
Slide Slam, 2009
Color Bundle, 2009
Color tabs
Hotwheels (Blue), 2008
Barbie (Red), 2007
Tabs of Color, 2007
framing the sky
diamond corner
squared off
Framing the Sky, 2007
Diamond Corner, 2007
Squared Off, 2007
Six Colors in the Round
colored squares
Six Colors in the Round, 2007
Color Squares, 2006
Fades 2004-2005
all works © patricia zarate