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Bird Alone, 2012 The Story of Pink & Green , 2012 A Little Sweetness, 2012
It Feels Good, 2011 Zig Zag, Step, Slide, 2011 It Pleases Me , 2011
red wave
Untitled, 2008 Red Wave, 2008 Six, 2008
Color Inter Action
Lean leaning Light
Paintings for Corners (yellow)
Color Inter Action , 2007
Lean Leaning Light
(orange and green), 2006
Paintings for Corners
(yellow), 2006
Blue too Blue
Random Horizontals
Veritical Paintings (Red)
Blue too Blue, 2005
Random Horizontals, 2005
Vertical Paintings (red), 2005
Green Aura
Green Aura, 2005
Skyward, 2005
all works © patricia zarate